The Photographs Documenting Eliza Coulson’s Journey to Self Love


After experiencing sexual harassment, photographer Eliza Coulson is using her art as a coping mechanism and a way to take back control. Through her Instagram page, she shares her journey of finding self love and self empowerment through sharing her story so publicly. Coulson also keeps journal entries by her photographs, a way to document her feelings and emotions in both words and images. By documenting her own experience, Coulson is able to liberate her voice with her motto, “My Body, my rules. My life, not yours.”

For Further Reading:

Take a look through Eliza Coulson’s Instagram. Her page is her own digital documentation of how she is coping through a traumatic experience.


Discussion Question:

What are ways that you like to express your feelings and personal journey? Through journaling? Photography? Or something else?


Action Item:

Think of a time when you took back control after a bad experience. What were ways in which you expressed yourself at this time?


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