The Dangerous Promise of Ageless Vaginas


The rise of vaginal rejuvenation procedures that claim to help with vaginal “looseness,” pain, dryness, and incontinence, has brought to light the ways women and folks with vaginas are pressured to conform to unrealistic beauty expectations, even when dangerous to their health. These vaginal medical treatments use focused ultrasound and radio frequency technologies that claim to reshape vaginas internally, in order to give them a more “youthful” and tight feel. The FDA has condemned these procedures after discovering their harmful consequences, such as vaginal burns, scarring, chronic pain, and discomfort during intercourse. This continued endangerment of health at the benefit of cosmetic beauty comes as no surprise. The natural aging process has become a medical condition that needs to be fixed, despite any harmful health consequences. It has become more and more important to shift societal focus from vaginas’ appearance to sexual health and wellness.  


For Further Reading:

Here you can read the statement issued by the FDA regarding vaginal rejuvenation and its risks.


Discussion Question:

Can you think of ways you’ve been tempted to undergo unnecessary
medical procedure that could have harmed you just to fit unrealistic beauty standards?


Action Item:

Advertising is one of the main tools used to lure women into undergoing unnecessary medical procedures to change their body . On websites such as this or this you can submit complaints about the way these sort of procedures are advertised and systemically shame vaginas’ natural anatomy.



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