Indian Court Rules in Favour of Lesbian Couple


Following the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay sex in India, this case is the first time for it to be implemented publicly. The couple, Aruna and Sreeja (last names withheld) were separated by Aruna’s family when they tried to move in together. Aruna was admitted to a mental institution, upon which Sreeja appealed by referencing the recent Supreme Court’s dismantling of Section 377. This decision legalized gay sex and therefore was grounds for the judges of the High Court of Kerala to force the release of Aruna and enable her to move in with her girlfriend. This case is a landmark event for LGBT+ equality; having a Supreme Court decision is one thing, but having it executed in public is another. These judges’ decision sends an affirming message to the estimated 78 million LGBT+ population in India that there is a space for their community.

For Further Reading:

Click here for more information and pictures documenting the journey to LGBT+ legalization in India.

Discussion Question:

What is more important in the battle for legal equality: official rulings, like the Supreme Court decision, or practical implementations, like this couple’s case?


Action Item:

Look for ways you can work for LGBT+ equality in your area. With greater equality across all groups comes a more united community for everyone. Sites like Human Rights Watch give a good overview about how to be active all across the world.


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