“This is 18” Shares Young Women Coming of Age Worldwide


For the latest The New York Times project, “This is 18,” 22 young women around the world were asked to document peers from their communities. Each photographer comes from a diverse background with various stories to share. Some of the subjects had similar backgrounds to the photographers, while others were from their community but had completely different experiences. The project not only highlights the women photojournalists of the future, but also the significance of coming of age around the world. “This is 18” proves the connectedness we share in the 21st century global community.


If you are 18 or older, recall when you turned 18. What were you doing at this time, and what were your future plans? How did it feel to turn 18? If you are younger, what do you hope to be doing at 18?

Further Reading

View the photographs and content from “This is 18.”  Each feature shares information about the photographer, where they are from, and what their future plans are.

Action Item

Take a look through all the young women pictured in the project. Look for someone from a different background that shares similarities to you or you feel connected to.

Read more on The New York Times Image: Obdulia González González embroiders beside her artesanal craft stall in Zacatecas, Mexico. Credit: Jesse Mireles for The New York Times