This Japanese Medical School Altered Test Scores to Benefit Men


An investigation into the entrance exam results of the Tokyo Medical University revealed that for years the school had been altering its test scores to ensure more men were accepted than women. This scandal has been met with frustration, but no surprise, as a number of unnamed officials explained some of the formulas many Japanese medical schools use to keep female test scores artificially low. Today, female doctors in Japan make up only about 20% of the field, and in light of these revelations, it is easy to see why.


For Further Reading:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has implemented a “womenomics” initiative to improve working conditions for women in Japan-- and it seems to be working.


Discussion Question:

Have you ever felt discriminated against within your school environment because of your gender?


Action Item:

Educate yourself. If you are in the position to receive a formal education, take advantage of that privilege. This scandal in Japan only sheds light on the reality that women often have to work twice as hard as men to succeed. Note the unjust reality and work to change the narrative by learning as much as you can and engaging in constructive conversations.


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