Tia Mowry and Endometriosis in Black Women


Actor Tia Mowry recently opened up about her struggles with endometriosis. Years of misdiagnosis, paired with a lack of research on the illness in Black women and limited resources, made Mowry’s experience even more difficult, while also highlighting the need for more people of color to speak up about the chronic illness. The actor shared how many doctors failed to take her extreme pain seriously and would belittle her symptoms. It was finally a female African-American doctor who correctly diagnosed her and gave her the appropriate care. The actor also shared how lonely her journey has been. Mowry’s testimony of her pain and lack of support is extremely important, as it brings awareness to endometriosis in Black women and women of color.

For Further Reading:

You can learn more about Tia Mowry’s experience with endometriosis and read her full essay here.


Discussion Question:

Have you ever seen endometriosis represented or talked about in mainstream media?


Action Item:

Women’s struggles with endometriosis are heightened by the lack of information and public discussion about. Endowhat is working to change that. You can check out their documentary and get involved with them here.


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