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Time’s Up Leaders Discuss Next Steps For The Movement


Time’s Up, a movement created to combat gender discrimination and sexual assault in the workplace, is fronted and supported by various female celebrities. They are using their fame and status to push for change in various industries. Brie Larson, Stacy Smith, and Tessa Thompson are three key leaders of the movement. They spoke about the next concrete steps for Time’s Up with the Hollywood Reporter, detailing how they implement change in the movies that they work in. Smith said "’Changing hearts and minds’ — I'm not interested in that conversation anymore,” highlighting the dedication and drive to enact real change. Having role models such as these women is vital for empowering women across communities. The fact that these women are following through on promises exemplifies the benefits of healthier sexual relationships and protection for women.

For Further Reading

See more of the work Time’s Up has done on their website.

Discussion Question

Can movements like Time’s Up that start on social media really follow through with change in reality?


Action Item

Donate to Time’s Up’s legal fund to support their active aid for sexual assault and harassment victims, or share the link on social media to continue to raise awareness.


Read more on the Hollywood Reporter | Image: Christopher Patey

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