Tips on Disclosing Mental Illness to a Partner


Dating while struggling with a mental illness can present many challenges, one of them being when and how you should disclose your struggles with mental health to your partner. Psychotherapist and dating coach Kate Stewart suggests having an honest conversation early in the relationship, possibly after getting a feel for your partner’s reaction to the topic in conversations happening in your social circles or even in media. Due to the stigmatization of mental health, your partner might not be educated or responsive to your words, and bringing them to an appointment with your doctor could be helpful. It’s also important to always be mindful of your own feelings, making sure you put your health first. Remember that you deserve a partner who is understanding and will go out of their way to be supportive in your battle with mental illness.

For Further Reading:

Here’s an article on how to explain a mental illness to someone who’s never experienced it.


Discussion Question:

Do you think it’s harder for women to disclose their mental health issues to a partner? If so, why?  

Action Item:

To change the way the world looks at mental health, you can donate to NAMI or join @NAMICommunicate and tweet using the hashtag #StigmaFree.



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