Travel Writer Explores Mother-Daughter Holidays


Jackie Cooperman shares her thoughts on the differences between traveling alone with her 12-year-old daughter and traveling as a trio with her husband. From what they did to how she felt doing it, the changes are poignant. Reminiscing on childhood trips with her own mother adds a multi-generational element. Ideas such as Cooperman’s demonstrate the importance of maternal relationships, as well as those between women in general. The fact that the mother and daughter took elements of their trip back with them into daily life also demonstrates the need for dedicated quality time within families.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Should women in families take time to spend together without men around?


Action Item:

Assign a dedicated slot of time to spend with a family member, either in person or over the phone if it’s long distance. Taking specific time to catch up with them, rather than slotting it in when you can, can add an important dynamic to the relationship.



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