Two Bedroom Apartment

Two-Bedroom Apartment is a self-portrait series sprung from the loins of loneliness. Despite the other inhabitants of the space, human or otherwise, this series was conceived and executed by one human. It is an exercise in self-love, both by appearing scantily clad in the photos, and by turning volatile, racing emotions into something that feels better. This series aims to be kinder to oneself, to take a moment and bask in the little bit of light that creeps in. In a way, these photographs provide closure for one sad afternoon.

Author: Sarah Beidatsch

Sarah Beidatsch is a Chicago-based photographer with a focus on people. Her work centers around portraiture, live event, and lifestyle photography. When no one else is within her immediate vicinity, she makes self-portraits. Through photography, she simultaneously finds her voice, as well as some peace and quiet.