Ultraviolet and Robin Bell’s Projection Art in Protest of Kavanaugh


“Brett Kavanaugh Lied Every Time He Testified.” “#BelieveSurvivors.” These were just two of the slogans that projected on the US Courthouse this past Tuesday. After Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, artist Robin Bell and women’s advocacy group, Ultraviolet teamed together to shed light on this matter. The messages were made to support the victims and object to Kavanaugh’s nominee status. The protesting words prove that art has the ability to be effective in civil issues. The light projections prove the power of the people and the fight for justice.

For Further Reading:

Keep up to date with Ultraviolet’s work and events through their Facebook page.

Discussion Question:

Do you believe that art has the power to highlight opposition on large scales like Kavanaugh’s case? How so?


Action Item:

Sign the petition and tell your Senators to vote NO on Brett Kavanaugh.


Read more on ArtNet News | Image: Andre Chung. (Photo courtesy of Bell Visuals)