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Underwear Brands That Are Actually Ethical

Underwear Brands That Are Actually Ethical

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My first time buying anything from Victoria’s Secret was when my best friend got a job there years ago. Bored during one college break or another (and lured by the 7 for $27 deal that comes around every so often), I decided to pay her a visit while she was on shift. I went home decently happy with my purchase, until a few years later when Victoria’s Secret came under fire for a number of things, namely refusing to include trans and plus size models in their shows. 

Indulging in a bit of retail therapy from time to time can be cathartic, but it’s hard to support brands when I know they are not practicing ethical behaviors on a personal and environmental level. Oftentimes, when I do find ethical brands, their products aren’t necessarily affordable for the average young person. I did some digging this time around and found six underwear brands that combine affordability and ethicality, so you don’t have to choose.


Prices start at $9.95

Passionate about the earth we inhabit and aiming to create high-quality products, Boody creates breathable everyday essentials that maximize comfort and minimize harm to the environment. Their clothes are made from a viscose yarn that derives from bamboo and is knitted into the fabric that makes up Boody’s products.

People Tree

Prices start at $10

Since their founding in 1991, People Tree has been committed to producing clothing that is “made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish,” according to their website. People Tree aims to protect the environment through the promotion of environmentally-conscious sustainability initiatives, provide customers with positive experiences through high-quality items and exceptional customer service, and raise awareness for Fair Trade solutions that customers can engage with. 


Prices start at $12

Everlane aims to make a difference through their products, proudly advertising “exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency” between the brand and its customers. They partner with ethical factories across the globe, visiting them often and cultivating relationships with the producers of their products, and build pieces that will live longer than trends.

Mighty Good Undies

Prices start at $12

Three years ago, Mighty Good Undies launched Bare for Good, a campaign that is pushing for a paradigm shift in fashion in light of the 2013 collapse of a garment factory in Savar Upazila, Bangladesh that ended the lives of 1,134 people. On a yearly basis, Mighty Good Undies and Bare for Good invites influencers and changemakers to reflect on and raise awareness about the conditions in which many of our clothes are created through a collection of portraits and interviews.


Prices start at $16.71

Offering modern basics with clean production, Baserange is an online brand carried in stores around the world. With the belief that “a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user,” they create minimalist products with textiles from recycled content and natural fibers.

Bimby + Roy

Prices start at $27.95

Created by two Australia-based sisters and named after the birthplaces of each of their first children, Bimby + Roy manufactures bralettes and bottoms for sleeping, swimming, or daily wear. Their solar powered facility is environmentally and socially conscious, even offering a no-cost child care center for their employees and their children.  

Not only are these brands super cute and easy to get your hands on, but they won’t cost you half your paycheck. What ethical brands have you been into lately? Leave a comment below!

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