University of Nebraska- Lincoln Raises Bar for Women in College of Business


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is taking initiative to expand their college of business for female entrepreneurs. Currently, their business school is only 33 percent female, following the historically old trend of male dominance in business. Women in the college are speaking out from all ends, from deans to first-year students, they are working to highlight the extensive research and dedication done by women involved in the program. Students are commending the college for making sure women are represented across the board. Women sit as recruitment advisors, associate deans, and esteemed researchers. Kathryn Warner Brightbill told Daily Nebraska of her troubles with gender and career, while also highlighting the successes she’s seen in progressiveness. Warner Brightbill stated that her accounting department is one of the most progressive she’s seen, with women at the forefront of every aspect. She stated that the university and her female colleagues inspired her to keep working on expanding female involvement in the college.

For Further Reading

Check out the university’s administration page to see their diversity here.

Discussion Question

What initiatives can you take in your own major to enhance female involvement in things like research projects and potential recruits?

Action Item:

Reach out to female mentors in your major, ask them about their struggles in their field and how they overcame gender barriers.

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