Al Franken Discusses Support For The #MeToo Movement In Thanksgiving Post


Former U.S Senator Al Franken posted a heartfelt Thanksgiving message on Facebook where he exclaimed his support for women and the #MeToo movement. Last year, Franken resigned after was several reports came to light of him inappropriately touching women prior to entering office. He states in his message, “I’ve also spent a lot of time over this past year thinking about the broader conversation we’ve been having about the experience of women in this country.” His message sheds light on the expansive work that must be done to provoke change for women. However, this apology provides insight on whether he can be forgiven.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Should former U.S Senator Al Franken be forgiven? Does he deserve a seat in the #MeToo conversation?

Action Item

Educate yourself on feminist issues that don’t necessarily affect you, but are still prevalent in society. You can do this by reading books, researching online, and even talking to women experiencing those things.


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