Uzbek News Report Condemns Teacher Skirt Length


The Uzbekistan 24 TV Channel has garnered a firestorm of controversy online after its International Press Club talk show accused some female teachers of wearing “inappropriately short” skirts in class, which in turn could tempt their students to ogle their teachers’ bodies rather than pay attention to the class material. On the television segment, the network sent a reporter into a number of schools in Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent, and filmed both teachers and students, publicly mocking their outfits. At one point, the reporter questioned, “Is it OK to teach in such clothes?” The program also invited contributors like a medic who claimed that tight clothes can cause infertility, while Education Minister Sherzod Shermatov stressed the importance of formal dress codes. Following mass criticism on social media, Shermatov then amended his statement by condemning the talk show’s humiliation of female school teachers, urging the station to “show some respect - we already have a shortage of good teachers.”

For Further Reading:

Take a look at this travel website for Uzbekistan, which includes an article on what to wear if you are visiting the country.

Discussion Question:

Did your school have a dress code for teachers as well as students? Have you ever experienced discrimination in a school based on your clothing choices?


Action Item:

Do some research on any existing dress codes at your school or workplace. Does the policy make sense to you, or does it appear to be discriminatory or sexist?



Read more on BBC News | Image: Uzbekistan TV 24