Vogue Sparks Trouble Over Kendall Jenner's Afro


American Vogue is in the hot seat once again, this time over its decision to style Kendall Jenner with an afro-like hairstyle for the November issue. Almost as soon as the magazine shared the image to Instagram, the comments flooded with protests, including one user who said “If y’all wanted a model that didn’t look white y’all could’ve booked a girl of color.” Many commenters agreed that the look was representative of an overall double-standard towards Afro hair and black culture. According to one user, black people with Afros face negative stereotypes while “when a white person does it it is suddenly ‘fashionable’ or en vogue.” In a statement, Vogue stood by its decision but apologized for the offense the image caused, claiming that it did not come across as intended.

For Further Reading

Dive into NPR’s discussion of if/when it is appropriate to wear another culture’s clothing.

Discussion Question

Do you agree that Kendall Jenner’s hairstyle in Vogue represents a wider issue of race in the fashion industry?

Action Item

In the season of Halloween and costumes, remind yourself to remain conscious of others’ feelings and backgrounds—and don’t be afraid to remind those around you, either!

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