Vulvar Acne: The Signs to Lookout For


Vulvar acne is a normal inflammatory response of the skin to hormone-related changes. Acne in the vaginal area can be intimidating, but board-certified dermatologist, Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, assures that pimples around the vulva are common and are usually nothing to be worried about. Dr. Shainhouse explains how vaginal acne can be caused by the inflammation of the hair follicles, often triggered by fabrics such as nylon. Fragrant soaps or washes can also contribute to irritation and inflammation, as opposed to anti-bacterial or benzoyl-peroxide soaps that can help counteract vulvar pimples. This particular kind of acne can also present itself as an abscess, manageable through warm compression and in extremely painful cases by a dermatologist. Dr. Shainhouse also reassures that vulvar acne isn’t a symptom of an STI, as it is strictly related to follicular blisters and bumps, unlike sexually transmitted infections.

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Have you ever felt self-conscious or that something was seriously wrong with you for having pimples in your vaginal area? Don’t worry, it’s actually not uncommon!


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