Wear Your Costume After Halloween? The NY Times Thinks Yes.


In a wise-cracking essay for the New York Times, Hayley Phelan breaks down several outfits into two spooktacular categories: fashion, or costume? According to Phelan, most of what we see online and on the rack these days—is somewhere in the middle. From pink feathered tube tops to silver-coated slip dresses with lace trim (maybe an alien-ghost look?!), it seems our everyday wear is increasingly veering into dress-up world. In Phelan’s words, “if the industry didn’t get a little weird on occasion, it wouldn’t be fashion. It would just be clothes.” But perhaps the article ultimately raises more questions than it answers—namely, where do issues of gender come into play with Halloween costume culture?

For Further Reading

Fashionista.com is over the cultural appropriation and gender stereotypes at Halloween: Check out their definition of a utopian Halloween.

Discussion Question

From super-sexy costumes to go-to “masculine” looks, it’s no secret that gender binaries are a huge part of Halloween costume culture. How do you see this evolving going forward?

Action Item

Challenge yourself to eschew the norm this Halloween. Whether that means skipping the sexy costume for a more comfortable persona that speaks to your heart or ditching a party in favor of giving out candy, embrace the spirit of new traditions.

Read more on the New York Times/ Image: Josh Sobel on Unsplash