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What International Women's Day Means to the Women Who Are Changing the World


“To me, International Women’s Day means fearlessly being yourself and pursuing your dreams. Not letting anything stand in your way. But also supporting and admiring all of the incredible woman I’m honored to work with each and everyday” 

-Caroline Vazzana, Style Influencer + Making it in Manhattan Founder

“I’ve lacked courage at times, as a woman, to speak out when I would experience sexsim or see it happening to other women. But in the past year or so #Metoo and #TimesUp and now #PressForChange has helped me to feel empowered more than ever before.  I’m proud to be a woman in this decade, and I’m proud to see how the actions we take today will lead to real, tangible, deserving change in the near future. International women’s day gives me a chance to reflect and give gratitude to how far we’ve come toward gender equality, but to also recognize how much work is left to be done.”

-Beth Brandon Jensen, Editorial Director of Make Muse

“International Women's Day allows us to celebrate and recognize the amazing strides we as women are making around the world; highlighting how bomb we were, are and always will be! Across the board - no matter who we are, what our profession is, etc. - we always show up and show out. It's so vital to honor ourselves and fellow women (not only today, but every day) as we know we have to work twice as hard as our male counterparts. Representation matters, inclusion matters, we MATTER... now, move over while we make our own damn seats at the table!”

-Tahajah Samuels, digital film publicist + founder of Black PR Girl Magic


“To me, IWD is a day where we can all come together and celebrate what makes us different! Through my recent journey of writing a memoir, I’ve meet so many amazing and powerful women with stories to tell. Having a day dedicated to us presents the opportunity to share these stories and to celebrate our individuality!”

- Grace Wethor, #1 Bestselling Author & Teen Vogue It Girl

“IWD is a day where I am planning on celebrating the strong relationships I have with my girlfriends. As part of my job as Aerie Ambassador I will be giving out personalized notes to the female role models in my life. I’m planning on giving a couple to my best friends who inspire me with their strength, poise and ambition to change the world.”

-Lidija Jurovich, Aerie Real Ambassador 

“To me, International Women's Day is a moment of community. It allows us to showcase and celebrate women who are doing AMAZING things. It gives us a platform to share what we care about and recognize the ideas of others. This day is a celebration of women as people and as creators.”

-Maggie Hill, Founder of Known Media


“International Women’s Day, to me, means intersectionality; highlighting women across all boards and celebrating our diversity. International Women’s Day means civic engagement; being an active citizen and using your platform for social justice. International women’s day means telling the women around you how much you cherish them and value their presence in your life. International women’s day means unity- making strides by partnering with systematically oppressed voices and supporting people with valid identities and sexualities”

-Amy Morales, Student Activist

“As founders of Metta Society—a for women, by women organization—we believe that it's our responsibility to uplift other women who don't have the resources to do so themselves. International Women's Day is a reminder that progress has been made, but there is still so much work to be done! Women should have a seat at every table and be heard as a valued voice in every crowd.”

-Claire Fontanetta and Erin Eastburn, Metta Society Co-Founders

To me, International Women’s Day is a day where we can recognize how far we’ve come and where we are going in the future! No matter your occupation, age, ethnicity, religion, social status, whatever - each one of us, as females, are able to look back and see the things we’ve overcome. For myself, I’m able to reflect on starting my own business at the age of 16 and how it shattered so many stereotypes society [attempted] to place on me.

 -Rachel Leal, Founder of @rachslettering

"I have and will always be guided by the most important woman in my life; my mother. Growing up, she worked two $5/hr jobs in order to give me the easiest childhood possible. If I wanted a Happy Meal, she would eat ramen noodles for an entire week so she could afford it. She has been my biggest inspiration to say the least because she not only has a successful cleaning business (although it's hard work), she comes home and fixes her own plumbing and cuts her own grass. Launching my own business isn't only for me, but most importantly for the woman who has taught me that I can take on the world on my own."

-Joanna Lizette, Owner of The CLTN

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"For me, International Women's Day means celebrating all women from all the walks of life and their achievements - thanking them for being in your life as friends, mentors, mothers, daughters. I usually like to give my friends flowers or little gifts such as chocolates to show my appreciation. In the Romanian culture, we also celebrate Mother's Day on the same date so it is definitely a beautiful occasion to give thanks to the woman that raised you, I definitely could not be where I am if it wasn't for my mother."

-Luiza,  Content Creator + Digital Marketer

"To me, it means that women should count on themselves and only themselves for happiness and success. The greatest lesson of this I have learnt was when I felt at my worst I was the one who decided to pick myself up and make something of myself. I was tired of letting everyone get in my way and getting into my head. I knew people would laugh and make fun of me for starting a beauty channel on YouTube, but I did it and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't have a big following but I know that there are people out there that look to me for advice, and that right there tells me that I made it. International Women's Day is about women remembering what makes them happy and what ever success that they have accomplished is still success and that they have done it on their own."

-Sheena Kozak, Makeup Artist + Blogger

“Celebrating International Women’s day always feels so special to me. I try to champion female voices every day, but on this day specifically, many women share their own stories on social media. I love to read about and support my sisters around the world. Their sacrifices and experiences inform my own and guide me to the strength I need in my own life.” 

-Allyson Roche, Political Journalist + ForthWrite Founder 

“What International Women’s Day means for me is celebrating all of the women in history who have changed for our world for the better. Seeing brave, distinct women attract attention in ways that their worlds could’ve never imagined at the time inspires me to be my best self, even when getting funny looks from bystanders. Women in history are where they are because they stuck out and defied norms, and it’s so important for women today to remember this when standing out in society.”

-Christina Paul, Co-Founder of Ethereal

“International Women’s Day means being a woman who has the confidence to make a change. It means breaking through the boxes society places woman in. It means collaborating with woman around the world. It means creating a culture that supports, promotes, and values woman. This International Women’s Day means so much to me because I’ve developed the confidence to put my idea for a female-focused publication into action and connect with woman around the world who are doing the most amazing things. This special day is a reminder woman should own their power each and every day.”

-Maura Sheedy, Founder of Make Muse 

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