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What You Could Not See

What You Could Not See

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 I wrote this piece while sitting on my bed in my room, overwhelmed with frustration and confusion about the lens through which others viewed me: a rose-colored piece of glass that skewed my image and turned it into something I was not. I have been called weak many times in my life, especially throughout high school, due to my lack of athletic abilities and small stature. Little do many of these people know, however, I have worked very hard to strengthen both my body and my spirit since then, and my interest in activism has brought out a voice within me that I didn't know existed. This poem serves to put words to a common feeling among underestimated young women, who are too often mistaken as weak and feeble when they really contain powers much stronger than physical size. The fire within me that I describe in the poem is fueled by the strong women surrounding me, who lift me up and remind me that my inner strength cannot be deconstructed by a few off-putting comments from others. Thank you to those who have added fuel to this fire, you are appreciated and loved.

What You Could Not See

when you called me weak

you did not know what strength was

how someone with my stature

could wage war against your soul

shielding myself from your insults

spoken bullets piercing my skin

but you did not see the fire

that still burned  

deep within my soul

not flickering

but roaring

with flames of orange

fueled by the things

you could not break

(my spirit, my passion, my heart)

although you thought

i lacked strength

(as you saw it)

brawn and force

i had muscles

composed of a power

you could not fathom

the will to endure

By Kelly Goonan

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