When Will The U.S Be A Feminist Nation?


In the upcoming midterm elections, there has been an enormous trend of female politicians running for office. Statistics show a drastic increase from 920 to 26,000 women who have shown interest in being candidates for office from 2016 to now. Although it may seem like a giant leap in women’s equality, it is still a long battle for equality. According to the Washington Post, “No state is even close to equal representation”. About a quarter of political positions in this country are held by women, but this statistics gets even smaller the higher up in political status that you go through. There are 1,977 women in governmental positions in this country, which means that our country would need to elect about 2,006 more to reach a definite equality. Despite our long road to actual progress, women have certainly made the necessary strides to make this a future possibility.


Why do you think it has taken the U.S so long to even come close to equality?

Further Reading

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Action Item

Support the female politicians in your community by voting on election day, sharing their message on social media, and telling your friends about their policies.

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