Where’s the Positivity for Full Faces and Double Chins?


While many plus-sized ladies have found representation in the current body positivity movement, there is still a large gap that needs to be addressed in body acceptance. The current movement has, in some ways, simply swapped out one set of beauty standards for another. Although the body positive community was founded by larger, fat, women of color, the current movement instead chooses to uplift and spotlight what society has deemed “acceptably fat” women. While we may be seeing more plus-sized people on the runways and in beauty advertising campaigns, two features that many people of all sizes possess have been completely ignored: double chins and full faces. Manipulating and facetuning soft faces into having chiseled jawlines only emphasizes body confidence issues. Without representation of all kinds of body experience, not just those that are acceptably fat and white, body positivity fails, and our beauty ideals remain as narrow as ever.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Why do you believe the “double chin” is an area of avoidance for the new era of body positivity and plus-size representation. Reflect and discuss.


Action Item

Next time you go to angle your selfie to hide any and all evidence of your natural, gorgeous face, try to take one without taking that into consideration, and study the picture afterwards. You’re just as beautiful as you are at the other angle.


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