Whitney Hubbs: The Photographer Breaking Free From The Male Gaze


Growing up surrounded by images reflecting the male gaze, photographer Whitney Hubbs asked herself early in her career of how to fit into the art world. Through her photographs, Hubbs sheds the gaze that has dominated our culture, and looks to create a feminist view of identity and body image. In one of her series, Body Doubles, she takes into account what women undressing look like through her own eyes, a resistance from being exposed to male influenced images of women from a young age. However, Hubbs recognizes that we all still look to the male gaze as the norm whether we realize it or not and asks the important questions to combat this through her work.

For Further Reading

Whitney Hubbs also has roots in the underground feminist punk movement, Riot Grrrl. To see her work reflecting her involvement with the movement and looking through the female gaze, visit her site here.

Discussion Question

Do you feel as though you have been a victim to the male gaze? Do you also feel that you may have participated in it without realizing because it seemed to be the norm?


Action Item

Take a look at an image of a women you admire. Ask yourself who took this photograph and if it reflects the person’s true nature or is a product of the male gaze.


Read more on Vice | Image: Whitney Hubbs