Activist Sinéad Burke Strives for Inclusivity in the Fashion World


In a world clogged with social media “influencers,” it’s rare to see someone using their clout to create meaningful change. Enter Sinéad Burke, who, at just over 3’5” tall, is calling on the fashion industry to turn their heads to the disabled market. Now a blogger and UK Vogue contributor with magazine covers and Burberry collaboration to her name, Burke is insistent when it comes to improving fashion’s accessibility both at fashion week (she carries a stool around in order to view shows properly) and on the rack. Once told to shop in the children’s department and ignored by salespeople, she’s looking to change the idea that “we as a society…view accessibility as…the antithesis of beauty” and ensure that “all of the designs are created with [disabled] customers in mind.”


For Further Reading:

The disabled community is making waves in all corners of the fashion world—click here to read about the black, trans, disabled model who just signed with a top agency.


Discussion Question:

Where have you noticed barriers to accessibility in your daily life? What can you do to make your own environment more accessible for yourself and others?

Action Item:

You probably follow at least a few influencers on social media, so why not add a few more? Follow Sinéad’s (fabulous) Instagram, and check out Annie and Jillian while you’re at it.



Read more on Vogue | Image: Instagram/Sinéad Burke

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