Why These Newly Elected Congresswomen Joined Forces


In the aftermath of the midterm election, newly elected congresswomen have joined forces over social media to express their own unity. Many of them expressed praise through their social media, and used it as a way to lift each other up during their candidacy. Although some have dismissed their praise as “juvenile,” others understand the underlying, feminist cause of their online gratitude. Instead of simply establishing friendship between each other, the women are exposing the tactics that other women have used to get things done in male-dominated offices. Many speculate this is a tactic to show that female politicians aren’t against each other but instead support their female peers. Have these open relationships will prove crucial in the future, as many female politicians are pitted against each other by the public.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Who are some women that inspire you to be better? Why is it important to support our female colleagues and peers?


Action Item

On your social media, post a photo with a woman that inspires you and say a few things about why you think she’s amazing.


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