"Woman" Is The Latest Exhibition Focusing on Representations of Womanhood


Taking place at Rapid Eye in London this fall, Woman is an exhibition exploring young creatives’ interpretations of what it means to be a woman today. The curators made sure to not place any restrictions for submitted work, resulting in intimate and diverse expressions of what womanhood means to each individual. Artwork ranges from a ‘spilled coffee’ nude by Larissa Hofmann to an intimate self-portrait by Daisy Walker. The open interpretation also led to various mediums used- poetry was hung next to photographs, showing the many ways women express their creativity. Yet Women not only shows how dynamic women are, but it also asks what it means to be a woman in 2018.

Discussion Question

What is your creative outlet to express yourself? Through the medium of your choice, what do you usually like to capture?

Further Reading

The non-profit organization, Women in Fashion, is working with Rapid Eye to host the exhibition. The group tackles issues in the fashion industry through numerous events.

Action Item

Find someone who is creative in another manner than yourself (say if you use painting as your creative outlet, find someone who does so through writing). Share your work with this person and look at their work. See how the two different ways of expression relate to one another.  

Read more on AnOther | Image: Artwork by Alexandria Coe