Women and Weed Summit Arrives in Winnipeg


April Pride, founder of Van der Pop, a cannabis lifestyle brand, is hosting a Women and Weed Summit in Winnipeg as part of an educational series about women and marijuana usage, as cannabis will soon be legalized in Canada. The event is free to the public and will include informational sessions on sex, parenting, and fitness. Pride says, “we’re focused on educating the female consumer because her needs when it comes to the cannabis plant and the benefits that she can expect are different than a male consumer and the amount of education that’s required so that she feels confident in her decisions around cannabis and comfortable with cannabis usage for herself, for those she loves or simply her peers.” She asserts that education is key to safe cannabis use because there are many misconceptions and stigmas around the drug. Van der Pop continues to provide informational resources on its website to empower women and encourage an exploration of their bodies.

For Further Reading:

Check out the Van der Pop website to learn more about the feminist cannabis brand.

Discussion Question:

Have you ever considered the health benefits of cannabis for women as its effects can differ for men? What are some preconceptions you have about the use of marijuana?

Action Item:

Read some of Van der Pop’s articles and do some research on your own about the potential benefits of marijuana use for women, as well as which states are beginning to legalize the drug in the U.S.


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