​Women Are Embracing their Cellulite in the Most Badass Way


As summer winds down, Instagram is rich with photos of women showing off their freshly tanned skin and swimsuit-clad bodies before it’s too cold to do so. We only see the finished product of these photos—what people choose to post. Often times, though, before that comes the grueling process of scrolling through fifty (almost the same) pictures and judging each one harshly, before finally picking one and often editing it further to meet the expectations of perfection that come with social media. But this summer, women are fighting back against the ingrained disgust of cellulite and posting unedited pictures on Instagram—proud of their bodies as they are.


For further reading:

Many moms develop cellulite after giving birth. Though many try to hide their changing bodies, others accept that this is apart of their motherhood. Photographer Neely Ker-Foxor's photo series, Perfect Imperfections, showcases the beauty of the body. 


Discussion Question:

Next time you find yourself judging someone’s latest Instagram post, take a step
back, reevaluate, and ask yourself if you are judging them for something you’re insecure about in yourself. What can you do to face those insecurities?


Action Item:

Write at least one genuine, uplifting comment on someone’s social media every
day. Just a little positivity can turn someone’s day around.


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