Women Are Happier Working With Other Women


A recent study from Yue Qian and Wen Fan, Assistant Professors of Sociology at Boston College, has revealed that women are much happier at work when working with women rather than men. The study sought to delve into how gender equality is handled and developing in the workforce. According to their findings, a workplace with over 90% male workers results in a 52% increase in unhappiness in female workers in comparison to those working in workplace with just 10% of male workers. Conversely, the change in male happiness according to gender is negligible. Suspected causes of such results are increased sexual harassment for women in male-dominated workplaces, along with difficulty to advance through promotions. Such studies bring to light the very real difficulties women still face in the workplace and how the environment and community that we live in can impact our overall health and happiness.

For Further Reading

See further details of the study here.


Discussion Question

Have you ever noticed a difference in your emotions or behavior after working in places with a strong gender bias, either towards men or women? If so, why do you think that is?


Action Item

Focus on building up women in your environment, whether professional or not, especially if it’s male-dominated. Making sure the women around you stay supported and feel safe is vital for a healthy and equal community.


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