Women are the Future of the Workforce According to Boston Summit


Women from different parts of the workforce came together to share their insights on how women manage to “do it all.” The speakers noted that modern business women hold two responsibilities: be dedicated to their job and their family. Juggling both roles, according to the panel, does not insinuate that one must succumb to the pressures of the other, it is merely an untapped strength women have not been educated on. Both work life and family life could be balanced by working womenbut pressure from the patriarchal system imposed upon women pushes some out of the corporate world and into the maternal sphere. Honing in on the specificities of the workplace that catalyze such pressure could bring about change for working women everywhere. The panel also offered that women are becoming a driving force in the corporate world and this momentum must be kept with the next generation of working females.

For Further Reading:

Watch the full video of the panel here.


Discussion Question:

Could universities institute mandatory courses for workplace ethics based on diversity and gender barriers? Why or why not?


Action Item:

Take a moment to relax, meditate, or do yoga! A step away from the clutter will be beneficial to your progression.


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