Women Face Post-Grad Slump


In a seven-part series, Hana Schanck studied the progress of female post-graduate students’ ambition. Schanck tells a personal story about her struggle with post-grad pressures. From starting a family to beginning her career, Schanck highlights the numerous responsibilities women take on after they receive a degree. In her findings, she notes that a number of women forget about the ambitions they formed during their undergraduate studies and are consumed by family life. Schanck’s continuing studies will highlight the Trump effect and how his presidential win has impacted women globally.

For Further Reading:

To learn more about her seven-part series, read this article about sexism in the workplace and its impact on women

Discussion Question:

How do we change the narrative in undergraduate classrooms and encourage women to pursue careers instead of getting caught up in family life? Choosing to be a full-time mom is a decision many women make willingly, but if a woman desires a career, how do we help her escape outside pressures and focus on her personal goals?


Action Item:

Make an action plan for your post-grad life and share it with friends to stay accountable!



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