Women in Australia Struggle To Carry On The Legacy of Carmen Lawrence


Carmen Lawrence, the first woman to hold the title of WA Premier and leader of the state, has said to ABC news that she thought her time in government would leave a lasting impact for all women for decades to come. However, it seems as though there is still a long journey ahead for women to climb the same ladder she did 25 years ago. There is still a low percentage of women in WA’s Parliament and in high-ranking political positions, and this issue points to great concern within the Australian government for women aspiring to work in top-level government positions. Many people have speculated that the root cause is the difficulties women face in balancing motherhood and politics, and furthermore point to an ignorance on these topics from members of Parliament. Whatever the cause, many citizens are hopeful that these symptoms of a greater problem will be resolved in the coming decades.

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Discussion Question:

How has the political landscape of your community changed in the last 20 years?


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Name three accomplishments you’ve achieved over the last year that you’re proud of.


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