Women Make History in 2018 Elections


Women made strides at this year’s US elections. 31 new women have been elected to the House of Representatives, meaning the House is now comprised of at least 95 women. In addition, many states added other female representatives to their legislative rosters. The wins were historic in other ways, as America gained its first Muslim congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and first Native American congresswoman, Deb Haaland. Texas elected its first Latina congresswomen, and Massachusetts elected its first Black congresswomen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, age 29, of the 14th district in New York also became the youngest person ever elected to Congress. Arizona is guaranteed to elect a female senator, and Florida will welcome its first openly lesbian governor. Despite these wins, white women still chose to vote for Republican candidates, sacrificing the potential wins of progressive candidates like contender for Alabama Governor Stacy Abrams. However, based on these results, a promising future for diverse female representation is likely.

For Further Reading

Check out this Vox video that illustrates the continued need for improvement to have a truly equal government, despite this year’s wins.


Discussion Question

What are some of the changes your foresee happening in government due to the number of women who have just been elected?


Action Item

The fight does not stop after election day. Continue to ensure that your representatives- no matter their gender- respect and advocate for women in their policies. Write letters, call their offices, and protest when they do not perform their duty to fight for you.


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