Women Must Focus on Emotionality in the Workplace


In a personal account by Kristen Asleson, the emotionality of women is put into light in relation to workplace motivation. Asleson was diagnosed with breast cancer and since felt a hopelessness that bars her from focusing on work-related projects. Despite the discouraging news of her cancer, she emphasizes the idea that emotionality and personal energy are the two pillars of motivation for women in the workplace. She writes, “It’s called personal energy because it’s your energy. Your thoughts, emotions, and choices affect it. There will be times when you have an enormous amount of energy, like after a good night’s sleep, and times when you feel like you have none, like when you get home from work and you have to make dinner for the family.” This energy is illuminated by encouragement, friendship, and coexistence in the workplace. Positive reinforcement from bosses and coworkers is often stifled because of gender, but enforcing the idea of personal energy as a main proponent of work ethic could help young women find success in big business.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

What are some encouraging activities that big businesses could use to motivate female workers?


Action Item

Focus on developing and preserving your own personal energy, employing tactics like positive reinforcement to keep yourself motivated at work and at home.



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