Women-Only Co-Working Space The Wing Reaches West Hollywood


This New York-based co-working firm seeks to provide “a home base for women on their way.” Creating spaces for women not only to work but also to network fosters female entrepreneurship and helps self-employed women discover a workspace community often lacking for those not working in traditional settings. Backed by co-working giant WeWork, the company already has locations in New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. The new space in Santa Monica is expected to open in January, featuring conference space, booths, showers, and an in-house café. The Wing further promotes female success by stocking only books from women authors. Dedicated communities for women like this help foster success for businesswomen and creatives alike and open up new opportunities for women to work together to achieve their goals.

For Further Reading:

Take a look at the Wing’s magazine called ‘No Man’s Land,” which is all about working women, or sign up for their newsletter to find out more about the women in their spaces.

Discussion Question:

Would you use co-working spaces in your working life? Do you think a higher price is fair for access to women-only spaces?


Action Item:

Find out about any female-owned local businesses in your area and see if you can use any of their products or services. Incorporating female entrepreneurs into your life is one way to help more women succeed in business.



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