Women Photograph’s 2018 in Pictures


In response to leading publications putting mostly men in their “Year in Pictures” review, Women Photograph have compiled their own list that reflects the underrepresented voices of those in their organization. The work varies from tackling issues of representation to photojournalist pieces found in National Geographic. One of the featured images, shot by Gulshan Khan, shows a woman at a protest against the murder of 59 Palestinian people, as another woman ties a keffiyeh around her. Another image by Kholood Eid depicts their journey of finding their trans identity as part of a larger series. With all the women included on this list, nearly half are women of color and from all parts of the world—showing the global citizenship of womanhood.

For Further Reading

To see the vast work of these visual storytellers, take a look through all the images here.

Discussion Question

After looking through all the images, which ones speak to you the most? Are you mostly drawn to the stories of personal growth? Or the ones of political resistance? Or something else?


Action Item

Take a look through your camera roll or any pictures you have taken this year. Find your favorite ones and write down why these particular ones meant a lot to you this year.

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