Women Set To Change The Fate of Abortion in Australia


In an effort to reverse a piece of legislation passed in 1899 that places abortion as a criminal offense, Parliament is meeting to discuss this piece of legislation and possibly change it. For decades, activists have made it a priority to take out this piece from the law books and consistently failed to get their desired outcome, yet the upcoming hearing could spell a completely new outcome for history. In a turn of events, women will lead the debate as they’ve been able to acquire a large seating in Parliament. This female majority is something that has arisen after decades of diligent effort to give women a vote in Australia. The upcoming vote has arisen as an amazing opportunity, but some see it as a test to see whether women will be able to legislate issues that directly matter to them.


How can women's rights still be considered an urgent issue in Australian politics?

Further Reading

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Action Item

Inspire females in your school or community to actively seek out leadership roles they may be scared to take on. Just like it took decades for women to have a significant voice in Australia, it can take a lot of development for a woman to be confident in themselves to be political leaders.

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