Women #StopKavanaugh at the Emmys


Sarah Sophie Flicker, Women’s March organizer and actress, opted for a political statement to accessorize her Emmys outfit. She walked the red carpet with “Stop Kavanaugh” and the phone number for the Capitol switchboard written on her arm. Including the number along with the message encourages viewers to call their senators. Sarah’s message was timely, as just hours before it had been announced that a second public hearing would take place for Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, his accuser.

For Further Reading:

Read more about what actions we can take to win the fight against Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Discussion Question:

In what simple ways can we spread awareness and advocate for causes we are passionate about?


Action Item:

Send a message to your senators letting them know why you think they should #StopKavanaugh.



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