Women Take Over MLB Industry


The MLB’s Diversity and Inclusion team has set out to involve more women in the industry. The team’s initiative is to bring a larger amount of diversity to the table in hopes of showcasing different talents throughout the MLB company. Sixty women, with experience in both baseball and softball, were invited to a two-day event where they are able to showcase their talents in either playing, coaching, or scouting. The team provided special workshops, seminars, and events where women were encouraged to learn about the industry and gain hands on experience with active members of the company. This is the first of its kind for the MLB’s Diversity team and is projected to be a great success that will continue for years to come.

For Further Reading

Read through this timeline to see how this diversity team is shaping young women.


Discussion Question

What can college campuses do to encourage more young women to apply for jobs in the professional sports industry?

Action Item

Seek out a peer who is interested in sports and tell her about MLB’s upcoming event!

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