Women’s Center for Creative Work Supports Women Artists with Healthcare Grants


The Los Angeles nonprofit organization, Women’s Center for Creative Work, is offering emergency healthcare grants to artists who identify as female, transgender, non binary, low income, or as a person of color. The purpose of the grant is to support artists who do not qualify for or cannot afford healthcare, but need coverage to continue working. One of the recipients, Kumi James, found herself suffering from muscle spasms that affected her employment. After receiving the grant, she was able to get acupuncture treatment, something that she was not covered for beforehand. With many other artists struggling like James, the grant proves that artists need full support in all aspects of their lives.

For Further Reading

The Women’s Center for Creative Work lists their core values and mission statement where they hope to create a safe feminist environment and help those who are struggling.

Discussion Question

When you think of supporting artists, do you think about healthcare? Do you believe that many people forget about health-related issues that could affect an artist’s employment?

Action Item:

If you are in the Los Angeles area, the Women’s Center for Creative Work is always looking for volunteers to help. For those not in this region, find a local organization in your community helping to fully support artists.

Read more on LA Times| Image: Executive directors of the Women's Center for Creative Work Sarah Williams, left, and Nicole Kelly. (Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)