Yeast Infections Symptoms to Watch Out For


As 75% of women will have at least one yeast infection in their life, Dr. Laura A. Carinci from NYU Langone warns against its signs and uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. Carinci emphasizes that yeast infections can manifest in different ways, but certain symptoms are particularly likely to be tied to yeast infections. Vaginal itches that are incessant and hard to ignore, as well as a swollen vulva and pain while peeing are amongst the most common of these symptoms. Thick, white discharge comparable to cottage cheese is also a frequent sign that a vaginal yeast infection might be present. Painful penetrative sex with no other apparent symptoms can also be an indicator. Dr. Carinci suggests taking the time to meet with an OBGYN when any of these symptoms present themselves, while also reminding women to listen to their bodies when any discomfort or abnormality appears.

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Make sure to keep an eye on your intimate health. The wellness of our genitalia is important and often overlooked, as taboos, shame, and misinformation make it harder to address it.


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