Yoga Instructor Jessamyn Stanley Says: Embrace the Chafe


Jessamyn Stanley, yoga instructor and body-positive advocate took to Instagram this week to talk about an issue that isn’t discussed nearly enough - chafing and the discomfort - and scars - it can result in. Stanley posted an amazingly real photo of herself on her couch in her underwear, comfortably watching television with her inner thighs bearing the scars many of us plus sized women have from chafing. Within her caption, she says “Yes, there are permanent marks on my thighs from chafing, Welcome to being #fat.” What people don’t realize is that this happens to women whose thighs happen to brush together when they walk - it’s not about being what society deems as “fat”. It’s simply friction and nothing to be ashamed of. If it’s incredibly uncomfortable, there are ways to heal the irritation - salves, balms, even baby powder! If you don’t like the marks it leaves, there’s always scar creams. In reality though, chafing is natural! Do what is comfortable for you so you’re not miserable, but don’t worry if it happens! Just know, you’re not alone.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Chafing is a natural body issue that is rarely discussed in any mainstream media. Why do you think that is?


Action Item:

Many plus sized women are embarrassed to wear shorts even when it’s incredibly hot out, due to chafing and self consciousness. Next time you see a gorgeous thick girl rocking shorts, make sure to let her know how great she looks!


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