You Don’t Need to Shed Before You Wed


The new wave of body positivity is a relief to many plus-sized women, but the movement hasn’t reached nearly enough places. Lauren Chan, model and body positive activist, encountered the lack of body positivity in the wedding industry when a friend asked offhandedly if she was planning on “shedding for the wedding.” Confused, she did some research and realized, to her horror, that many brides put themselves on restrictive diets leading up to the big day to fit into smaller dress sizes. Chan was rightfully angered by this trend and the expectation that she would adhere to it. Chan shattered those expectations, loving herself for who she is on her big day and not letting any body-shamers bring her down.


For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Do you feel pressure to lose weight before big social events like weddings or proms? Where does that pressure stem from for you personally (family members, friends, media, all of the above)? The first step to combatting these harmful messages is identifying where they come from and distancing yourself from the source as much as possible.  


Action Item:

Shopping for your big day or just buying a fancy dress for a prom, wedding, or other event? Try shopping at stores that support plus-sized women, such as David’s Bridal.



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