You Should Smile More: A Sad Cliché

men-telling-women-to-smile 2.jpg

Men telling women to smile is a sad cliché. And, although it is an equally tired cliché that people are their most beautiful when they smile, the insistence of strangers for young women to smile is uncomfortable at best. Although being told to “Smile!” is a minor offense in the grand scheme of things, it represents a disregard for personal boundaries. Street harassment is a prevalent issue for women and young girls in every society. In one survey, 65% of women in the United States reported being harassed on the street. In a 2015 study conducted by Cornell University, 67% of respondents reported experiencing harassment before the age of 14.

**Red is associated with strength while black is commonly associated with power and dominance. On the left is model Samile Bermannelli, on the right is model Lauren de Graaf.

Author + Artist: Mary Sutton

A 17 year old coffee addict, Mary can be found in bed with a cup of coffee, watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she self-identifies as a city girl and plans to join the University of Pittsburgh class of 2022 in the fall. In addition to rom-coms, she enjoys drawing, her Prius, and early 2000's pop music. Growing up in a male dominated environment, Mary is passionate about the gender issues that permeate all aspects of society and hopes to contribute to the conversation, especially through art.