Your Period is Talking to You


Periods can say a lot about a person’s overall health. Dr. Joseph Chang of Parkland Health and Hospital system, and Dr. Michael Guarnaccia, reproductive endocrinologist at Extend Fertility, warn against some symptoms that can be signs of bigger health problems. Irregular periods can be a sign of a thyroid issue, as the thyroid can cause hormonal imbalances that impact your menstrual cycle. Irregular periods are also a sign of being overly stressed, or having a hidden chronic illness, such as kidney issues or chronic infections. If your period is extremely painful, it could be telling you that you might be suffering from endometriosis, a condition that causes uterine cells to grow and shed out of your uterus. Finally, if you’re bleeding more heavily than usual, you might be iron deficient or having more serious uterus issues, such as fibroids, or polyps. Pay attention to what your period is telling you, and if you notice something unusual, consult your OB/GYN.

Discussion Question

Do you ever feel uncomfortable talking about your period?

Further Reading

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Not every woman or person with a period has safe and affordable access to menstrual products every month. PERIOD is working to change that. Check out their website here and find ways to get involved in the fight to end menstrual poverty.

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