Youtuber Lilly Singh Speaks Out About Wage Inequality


After speaking out against the Youtube Top 2018 list released by Forbes, Lilly Singh received massive backlash. Her distaste for the male-dominated list had her offering suggestions of why women in the Youtube industry were not equally represented on the list. The debate was sparked when a male Youtuber regarded her concern as being a “cry baby” and asked her to find ways to increase her own revenue. Despite the backlash, Singh stuck to her initial rallying cry for all women to be alarmed at the wage gap in their industry. She continues to be a strong advocate for women’s rights and equal pay as the debate dies down.

For Further Reading

Head on over to her channel to see her awesome videos here.

Discussion Question

Is the reason for male denial of the wage gap a lack of knowledge or a lack of care? Do you think it is both?


Action Item

Hold an open conversation with your male peers about wage gap disparities to see how they react to the social issue.

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