ZanaAfrica and the Menstrual Revolution in Kenya


In Kenya, where two in three girls don't regularly have access to menstrual products, the organization ZanaAfrica is working to change the landscape of menstrual health. Founded by Megan White Mukuria in 2007, ZanaAfrica is a nonprofit that provides menstrual health resources to girls facing puberty while living in poverty. The organization’s mission is to support and empower marginalized women, while at the same time overcoming deeply ingrained taboos. ZanaAfrica not only provides sanitary pads and period products, but it also answers girls' questions about sexuality and their bodies through an inclusive sexual and reproductive health education program. Thanks to a safer approach to their reproductive and menstrual health, these girls can take ownership of their bodies and lead healthy sexual lives.


For Further Reading:

Here is ZanaAfrica’s website where you can find out more about Megan White Mukuria mission.


Discussion Question:

Discuss why safe access to menstrual and sexual health information and resources can help girls reach their true potential and lead healthy lives.


Action Item:

There are many organizations that fight to end period poverty. PERIOD is one of them. Find a chapter close to you and discover ways you can get involved!



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