Zoe Ball Is BBC’s Radio 2 First Ever Female Host


For the first time ever, BBC’s Radio 2 breakfast show will have a female host. Zoe Ball, also the first female host of the breakfast show for BBC’s Radio 1, will take over the role from Chris Evans. BBC’s Radio 2 breakfast show is the most-listened to radio morning show in the UK with a weekly audience of around 9 million people. Ball will be only the seventh person to host it. This job comes as a complete surprise to Zoe who says, she was feeling "a crazy mix of elation, wanting to burst into tears, wanting to run away... but mainly thrilled," when assigned to the task. With Ball’s appointment, four out of the six BBC’s radio music hosts will be female in the new year.

For Further Reading:

Although women are celebrating Zoe Ball’s new job, it is likely that she will not receive the same salary as her male predecessor, Chris Evans.

Discussion Question:

It’s 2018 and women are still having “firsts.” What does this say about our society?

Action Item:

Learn more about the early women in broadcasting.


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