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City Contracts Gravitating Towards Women-Owned Businesses

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the city’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion reported increases in the city’s investment in women-run businesses. As of 2017, the city saw the highest rate of contracted companies with women as their heads in recent history. The department is said to be working closely with local businesses to focus on implementing diversity training, but some groups are questioning how much change these tactics are bringing about.

The MLB’s Diversity and Inclusion team has set out to involve more women in the industry. The team’s initiative is to bring a larger amount of diversity to the table in hopes of showcasing different talents throughout the MLB company. Sixty women, with experience in both baseball and softball, were invited to a two-day event where they are able to showcase their talents in either playing, coaching, or scouting.

After 25 years of friendship, Judith Balcazar and Anne Davidson joined forces to create a pair of underwear for women post bladder surgery. Balcazar, who recently had bladder surgery, felt that other women might share her insecurities and decided to create what are known as “Giggle Knickers” for women who experience post-surgery complications.

Naziya Basharmal was keen on starting her own tailoring business in the Kandahar province despite having only 800 dollars to start up her company two years prior. Her persistence kept her company alive amidst the conservative providence, pushing herself to go beyond gender barriers established in her community.