We offer internships to those who want are interested in communications, digital media, and activism while contributing to a quickly growing organization. You will be responsible for writing/creating 5-6 pieces each month focused on the overarching themes of Make Muse, reporting on topical news in the gender and feminism space, and assisting with creative projects, sales, social media, and community development.

Please note that our internships are currently unpaid opportunities, but offer unparalleled mentorship, community, and flexibility. We seek team members who have a range of interests and unique world experience. Diverse applicants are highly encouraged to apply. 


  • Must be 17+ years old

  • Muse be able to work remotely for approximately 5-8 hours each week

  • Must be self-motivated

  • Must be able to respond and communicate both quickly and effectively

  • Must have writing experience and a creative eye

  • Should have experience in Adobe Creative Cloud, GSuite, and Squarespace


  • Track record in activism and commitment to female and gender equality

  • Interest in both digital media and print publications

  • Ability to produce creative and informative writing

  • Videography/Photography skills

  • Design/Illustration skills

  • Podcast/Newsletter production skills

  • Experience in Community Development/Leadership

Reviews from Previous Interns

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for future opportunities.

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